Herd Mentality

Posted: June 17, 2010 in Right to Bear Arms, Uncategorized

 They’ve had gun bans for years in England. . .

Those committed to disarming Americans and those who, through lack of education and/or inability to do any thinking on their own, often tout this nugget of information as to hush all concerns someone like me might raise over preserving the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.  While my first instinct is usually to point out that restrictions in England and other countries are precisely what gave rise to this country and that if I want to live under those restrictions I, like them can go elsewhere to live where government is ‘over the people’ instead of being ‘of, by and for the people.‘ 

But the argument they are making is not about rights or freedom, it’s about safety.  It’s a very bad argument but I think that is what they are saying “we would be safer without all these guns.”   I disagree.

“Associated Press” June 02, 2010 reported that a UK man, 52-year-old Derrick Bird, drove his cab around Seascale, England shooting people at random.  This man took a leisurely drive popping off his fellow citizens like metal ducks at a carnival shooting gallery.  The shooter managed to hit 37 people, killing 12 and wounding 25, some critically. 

 This happened in a nation with some of the most restrictive gun laws on earth.  There were 30 different crime scenes, and Mr. Bird used either a rifle or shotgun; and due to the kind of restrictions on guns in the UK, the weapon would have been a hunting style weapon; most likely NOT a weapon that is easy or fast to reload.

 This means that, had anyone at any of these 30 crime scenes been free to be armed, there would have been opportunities to stop this psycho before 37 people were killed or wounded.  As it was, people could do little more than wait their turn; thanks to the oppressive and backward gun laws of the UK.

 Studies have proven that “active shooter” events are almost always brought to an abrupt end the moment the shooter is attacked.  These maniacs plan to shoot people as long as they can, and then kill themselves.  The faster someone can fire on them, the more likely it is that the number of killings will be reduced.  There are two ways of dealing with an active shooter….kill him, or wait for him to run out of bullets!

 Now, if I had a herd of sheep and I wanted to protect them, I would huddle them together and I would keep watch over them.  I wouldn’t arm any of them for fear that they might hurt one another.  I would likely surmise that I could do a better job of protecting them than they could themselves and the loss of a few sheep here and there to wolves wouldn’t bother me as much as a bunch of armed sheep running around.

 This country has never been a country of sheep, but that is precisely the future anti-gunners seem to dream of for the USA.  I don’t believe it is because they hate America or even guns, I believe it is because they are afraid that we are, for the most part, sheep and that we cannot and should not be trusted to defend ourselves and those around us.  They believe that such things should be left to the government, or shepherd I suppose. 

 I say they are wrong and our past and present history of arming American citizens bears witness to the fact that they are wrong.  Accidents happen with guns, and those accidents can be deadly, that is why I advocate for education and training on an ongoing basis for anyone who decides to arm him or herself.  Guns provide deterrence and safety.  Many things are dangerous but we do not ban them outright because the risks of not having those things are worse than having them.  Cars are dangerous, alcohol is dangerous, contact sports are dangerous, gasoline is dangerous, and even peanut butter has its dangers to the individual and the public.  The list goes on and on of the scary things we have in our lives, things that could not be trusted to sheep or other herds of protected beings.

 Even if you  ignore the fact that we have a Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms and that our rights should be protected for the sake of liberty if nothing else, banning guns, as the recent example in England shows, creates risks of its own.  Those 37 people were killed or injured because of a lack of freedom, a freedom that our founders preserved for us and one that we must continue to defend or we’ll lose it. 

Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God!  I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”                               -Patrick Henry

Freedom is not cheap and it is not always the safest road to travel, but it allows each of us the opportunity to choose his/her own path and take responsibility for his/her own successes and failures.   The Right to Bear Arms is one of the  freedoms that others fought and died for, the least we can do is have the courage to live free and exercise that right along with the rest of our rights and freedoms so that those that follow us will at least have the same opportunity.

Carry a firearm at all times legal for you to do so, advocate for this practice to every one you know, train and practice regularly and . . . JOIN THE NRA TODAY!

  1. Tom Wood says:

    Once again you hit the “X” with your blog, I would like to mention all of the other
    little tricks our present gov’t is trying to sneak by us, HR45- HR1022 – amminution
    accountability, and many hidden “add ons” to bills that we think are good for the country
    and its law abiding citizens as well as the United Nations pressure put on us to Dis-arm
    this country.
    Keep up the great work.
    T. Wood- woodhilltraining

  2. StJohn says:

    I would like to weight in here. I don’t think you should make comparison with countries with different constitutions and histories. Take away this one example of the lone nut going on a shooting spree and there is nothing left, Thay have not had School and College massacre, but sadly Britain is now suffering from an immigration policy that has opened the doors to a lot of eastern European countries and sadly these people have brought with them a lot of crime and a lot of illegal weapons. I have always follows this philosophy, on my travels if a regular “civilian” policeman has to carry a fireman to carry out their duties it follows that the citizen should be allowed the same rights for protection. Currently a normal policeman in Britain does not carry a weapon or even a taser to perform their duties but having some knowledge of law enforcement there they now have quick response units like our SWAT teams, trained by Special forces and are on roving patrols. Britain is now in a state of flux over right to bear arms that I think in the future they will look at the example of the united States as a model and there is no better model than this constitution.

    • joebarrett says:

      This is an example of not being able to see the forest for the trees….or perhaps not seeing the trees for the forest? Well, either way, I was certainly not trying to offer a constitutional comparison of the US and
      England. I believe self defense is a fundamental right, one every human
      on the planet has whether they live in a country that recognizes it or not.
      This is not a question of constitutions nor statistics. The government, in this case, has made certain that at all 30 of these crime scenes, only the
      criminal would be armed. No matter where a person lives, no matter what
      their government says, as long as it is remotely possible for a criminal to obtain and use a gun against a law-abiding citizen, that citizen has the right to bear arms for the defense of their life. The Constitution of the United States agrees with me one would think my biggest arguments would have to be with other countries that don’t agree, but again, that wasn’t the point here.

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