“No Guns” Means “No Legal Guns”

Posted: May 27, 2010 in Right to Bear Arms, Uncategorized

I went to an office building not long ago and was informed that they have a policy prohibiting firearms inside. I said, “But, you have no detectors in place to actually prevent them coming in, right?” They confirmed my suspicions, they had no detectors in place and they were relying upon people like me to simply obey the sign. “So, what you’ve done is to make absolutely certain that if an angry person comes here to ‘go postal,’ everyone inside who obeyed the signs will have about the same options as fish in a barrel, right?” No one really liked my analogy but no one argued with my reasoning either.

My point is that if you are going to deny your employees and patrons their right to personal defense, you are responsible for it. You must make certain no one can get in with a firearm. Personally I am not wholly comforted with statements like “The police are only minutes away!” What a relief! The criminal probably won’t get through more than half the people there before they arrive. For myself and my loved ones, I would prefer better odds.

What passes for good sense when making rules like these amazes me. Anyone who feels this kind of policy makes sense is either living in denial or working behind bullet proof glass. Gun RULES, like Gun LAWS, are only followed by those who follow rules and laws. We already have laws against shooting up office buildings and schools but people keep doing it anyway. Is there anyone who actually believes that people who do this kind of thing will change their minds if they see a sign saying “No Guns?”

Actually, I think it’s the opposite. I think a whacko hoping to shoot up a building full of innocent people would think twice if he thought someone inside might be able to shoot back. Guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens with proper training save lives and prevent misery, they do not cause it.

20 years ago I was a paramedic and I had access to and the ability to use a portable cardiac defibrillator. At that time, even EMT’s trained in pre-hospital emergency procedures were not allowed to use these devices. Today these devices hang in malls and you can buy one for your home. I promise you that a defibrillator can kill a person if used improperly. But, the benefits way outweigh the risks.

Guns in the hands of law-abiding and trained individuals, to me, are  like cardiac defibrillators in the mall. I don’t wish to be in a situation where either is ever needed to save someone’s life,  but if things go south and someone needs the help, I hope I’m someplace where the person in charge of either hanging defibrillators on the walls or making rules about guns was smart enough to weigh the risks properly.


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