Assault Weapons

Posted: May 19, 2010 in Gun Choice, Right to Bear Arms, Uncategorized

Assault weapons are just a group of firearms the anti-gun movement has singled out to start the process of obliterating our right to bear arms.  They’ve labled some guns “assault weapons” to make it seem like they are evil.  Every weapon is an “Assault Weapon.”  The anti-gunners want to disarm America, and they know they have to take baby-steps.  Believe me, once they have succeeded in eliminating today’s “assault Weapons,” tomorrow, they will begin to add  other weapons to that list. We’ve got to HOLD OUR GROUND! 

I am sick and tired of hearing that “nobody needs those kinds of weapons” unless they have some sort of ill intent. A law abiding citizen can have many uses for a high performance weapon, including but not limited to “just owning it.” I’m a collector, I want an expansive collection and the great thing about my collection is that I can take my collectibles out of their case and test them. My collecting experience is enhanced by the ability to see the collectable in action. You can’t do that with a stamp.

A law abiding citizen who wants to buy an AR15 is no different than the car collector who wants a high performance, big engine, fast moving vehicle in his or her collection. When was the last time you saw a speed limit that said “120” miles per hour? What could they possibly need with a car that can go that fast? They must be planning to speed. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?

But, not only do people collect cars that go that fast, most of us own an everyday car that could exceed that speed. My mother’s car speedometer says “160” and it’s a sedan. So, why is it so difficult to understand why I might want a weapon that can out perform many others in speed and function? There is no amendment to the Constitution guaranteeing my right to travel really, really fast yet I can still buy a dangerous machine that will let me go faster than the law says I should go. I am trusted to obey the speed laws. But, I am not trusted to obey the laws that would keep me from misusing a certain type of rifle even though the Constitution says my rights shall not be infringed.  

No law-abiding citizen should be denied these rifles.  Don’t fall for the propaganda, and that is exactly what it is, propaganda. This is just a first step in an agenda that, at its core, seeks in time to take all our guns.  No free person should be denied arms….Thomas Jefferson said that.  It is already illegal for criminals to have weapons, any weapons.  So why pass more laws that cannot further restrict the criminal, but only the law abiding gun owner?  Just like the “frog in the pot;” they have us in the pot people….and the temperature is rising!  We’ve got to stop it before the water starts to boil.

  1. Tom Wood says:

    Once again you are right on, there are many types of collectors; but as you state only car collectors or firearm collectors can enjoy their investiments as they gain in value.

    Most collections you can only view and maybe handle, and not enjoy the excitement of firing, competing, or just understanding how history has always allowed us as citizens of the great nation the right to have and enjoy our collections.
    T. Wood (woodhilltraining)

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